Electric Golf Cart Heater


The Climate Caddy electric golf cart heater is both a heater with 100°+ heated air for chilly weather and a fan to cool off on hotter days – all without the battery drain of traditional electric heaters or the hassle of propane-fueled heaters.

Stay comfortable all year long with the #1 electric golf cart heater and fan! Perfect for all 48v carts!



  • The portable kit comes with an expandable cup holder mount, a flexible cord keeper, and a carrying case! This is recommended for those who prefer convenience and flexibility.
  • The permanent kit comes with two (2) permanent mounts for installation onto the dash or in a cup holder. This is recommended for those who want their heater as a permanent fixture with hidden wiring.



  • Versions: Portable | Permanent
  • 48v PTC heater that produces heat of 100°+
  • Doubles as a cooling fan for warmer months
  • 45-second boost of maximum heat
  • Includes carrying case with custom fit pockets (portable version)
  • Battery fail-safe sensors to prevent unnecessary battery drain
  • Vents allow you to point air exactly where you need it
  • Securely fits into the cup holder of your golf cart
  • Attachment arm points the unit at the perfect angle toward the driver
  • Install is easy: Simply slip the unit into the cup holder of the cart and connect to the battery with easy-to-use alligator clips (portable version)
  • Unique, folding cord keeper (portable version) holds power cables flat on the golf cart floor and adjusts to fit any golf cart model. No tripping over cords!
  • Made of durable, high impact UV-resistant plastic with weatherproofing protection


  • Voltage: 48 Volts
  • Current: 1.3 to 13.6 Amps @ 48 Volt DC
  • Power Consumption: 63 to 655 Watts
  • Fan Rating: 700 to 900 F/M
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

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