How difficult is the Climate Caddy to hook up?

Hooking up the Climate Caddy has three main steps: 1. Mount the Climate Caddy into your golf cart cup holder, 2. Connect to the battery and 3. Turn on the power switch. Visit our instructions page to view more detailed instructions.

Will my cart be able to go 18 holes with the Climate Caddy running?

Although many things can affect your driving range including ambient temperature, terrain, driving conditions, payload, driving habits, battery age and tire pressure, with a fully charged battery you should be able to play 18 holes with power to spare.

A Golf Cart Enclosure is recommended for maximum heater performance and efficiency. Operating the Climate Caddy heater modes without an Enclosure will further reduce Golf Cart driving range.

I have an older 36 volt Golf Cart. Will the Climate Caddy work on my cart?

No, Climate Caddy is only compatible with 48 volt Golf Carts.

What is the Monarch Cord Keeper?

The Monarch Cord Keeper is a collapsible wire harness used to safely connect the Climate Caddy to your battery terminals. The unique patent pending design keeps wires flush to the floor, eliminating the risk of tripping.

What does the Battery Fail-Safe Sensor do?

The Battery Fail-Safe Sensor monitors the battery charge and automatically powers off the Climate Caddy when it drops below a preset voltage, so you don’t get stranded on the course.

I own my Cart – Can the Climate Caddy be permanently installed?

Yes, we offer the SCC7702 Permanent Mount Kit which can be viewed here.

Can the Climate Caddy act as a fan for summer use?

Yes, Climate Caddy features a powerful fan with two air-flow only modes, providing refreshing air to cool you off on hot summer days.

Does the Climate Caddy blow cold air?

The Climate Caddy features a powerful fan to cool you off during hot weather but does not have a chilling component to cool the air. A misting accessory is in development with a yet to be determined release date.

How many AMP’s does the Climate Caddy draw?

 1.3 to 13.6 Amps @ 48 Volt DC

I have a Gas Golf Cart – Will the Climate Caddy work on my cart?

No, Climate Caddy is only compatible with 48 volt electric Golf Carts.

What is the product warrant?

Climate Caddy comes with a two (2) year limited factory warranty.

What is the “Dual USB Power” accessory and what is it for?

The Dual USB simply snaps on the same mounting base that the Climate Caddy utilizes and then plugs into the same harness, portable or permanent, and provides two (2) USB Ports for charging phones, range finders or music devices.